Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Those Lifelong BFFs

As many others did, I traveled home for the Easter holiday for a number of reasons - a best friend's bridal shower, first time at home since Christmas, Easter Sunday at church with the family, and a need for a change of scenery. And one thing I again discovered during my 5 days at home was that, while some things may change, some things always remain the same...and that's almost always a very good thing.

I have been very lucky to have a spent about 10 years growing up in the same place, same town, same house, for most of my teenage years through college and the most amazing part of that privilege has been the group of girls I've run with over the years. There are 5 of us to be exact. Five girls who are oh, so different but oh, so the same in so many ways - and seven years after our high school graduation, little has changed in all of us outside of haircuts, jobs, and husbands. So, it is always such a treat to make the roadtrip home to jump back into our 15 year old memories and pick-up right where we left off before we all packed our bags for college.

Now, to be clear, at high school graduation, everyone thought for sure we would all end up at the same college or at least in the same city since we clearly couldn't handle life without each other. We were attached at the hip and where one was, the other four were close by. But the intrigue of our story is that not only did we choose 5 different colleges, we chose 5 different paths that continue to lead us right back to where we started...as best friends. Now, six years later, three of us are married, one is on her way down the aisle, one has traveled the world and lived overseas, one is three short years from becoming a Doctor, another has an MBA, and one is a homeowner.

But despite all our accomplishments and work to become our own individuals, we still come running back to each other's homes for movie nights, sleepovers, and pool parties just like when we were kids. There is something so comforting to know that while the details may change, the big picture has remained untouched and those BFF lifelong friends we always said we'd have has actually become a reality thus far. I am completely aware that this luxury isn't something that everyone gets to speak about or hold close to them, which is why I felt this topic was so important to write about. And while I have an entirely separate group of college friends that this also applies to, there will forever be something special about watching your childhood friendships unfold and grow years down the road...in front of your very eyes.

We even have a time capsule waiting for us to open in a few years (although none of us can remember when we're "supposed" to open it). Although it's probably filled with crap with stuff we thought was really cool at the time, we always remember it's waiting for us to pull the lid off and again relive another memory of growing up together. Memories that will probably make us laugh, roll our eyes, and most obviously make us say, "Remember when we did that!" As ridiculous as it may sound, I can't wait to open that plastic box and curl up with some wine (not juice this time) with my four best friends to remember it all over again.

This is my high school Nook. My best friends from Tennessee who have been with me through it all for the last 12 years. I love each one of them and I'm so grateful to have them in my life.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go get ready for my sleepover tonight.

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