Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter White Out - Yay or Nay?

Two very important events in my life happened on Monday night and I'm finally getting to sit and tell you about them. Number one - The Hills has returned to Monday night television. It is with great sorrow that I watched, however, knowing that LC has decided not to return after the close of this season. Do people really think the show can live on without her? I think not. So to all my fellow Hills followers, watch closely and drink in every second of the cat fights, fashion, and "Oh, no, he didn't!" moments because I fear they will be our last. (Big sigh).

Event number two came as a result of the Monday night season opening episode and it led me to fall in love with a new nail polish color. White. Thank you Heidi, for wearing it to Lauren's surprise party. Now, I know many others have sported it before Heidi did on Monday, but her outfit and perfectly manicured hands led me to decide that this Easter weekend will be my debut of white nail polish. Since I don't buy into the whole "no white after Labor Day or until after Easter" bit I went ahead and bought some polish today and will sport it tomorrow for the first time.
(Picture taken from People Style Watch, Clark Samuels/Startraks).
This is very exciting for me to be jumping on a trendy bandwagon so soon. If you know anything about me, as I think most of my Nook readers do, I am usually a good 3-6 months behind all fashion trends. I just don't always see the appeal right away, but usually end up loving them. For example, (a) I despised UGGs and thought they were the dumbest things to buy when my roomie in college first introduced me to their fluffy warmth. Now, nearly 4 years later, I have three pair - and my collection will continue to grow. (b) Stilettos. Hated them, and didn't know how to walk in them until I was a sophomore in college. Again, thanks to S&S, I now wear roughly 4 inchers every chance possible. (c) Gold jewelry. I have been a silver lover my whole life and have white gold wedding rings. But for play jewelry, I will now pull a Carrie Bradshaw and wear the ghetto gold chains and bracelets to jazz up an old shirt.

Now, when the whole black nail polish thing came out, again, I was a good 6 months behind, but now love it for the winter months and rocked it much of this past year. So for spring and a new year, I will introduce white polish into my wardrobe ASAP. My biggest fear with my purchase, however, was that I didn't want it to look like I slapped white-out on my fingers because clearly a $4 DIY manicure is in order for me over the $30 pro. So I tested out a few brands before I made my final purchase. Here is my review in case anyone else is considering white-out nails for summer 2009!

Standing in the store aisles I tested three products. My first choice was for the high end $7 bottle of Nicole by OPI's Shop Around the Clock. I usually love OPI colors so I figured that would be my choice, but for a trend I'm not sure I will wear for the rest of the year I wasn't convinced to pay the price tag. Overall though, it was great and looked very shiny and, well, "polished," (sorry, that was for you Gil).

My second product was Revlon's White on White Nail Enamel. While less expensive and a better buy for the change purse, I wasn't impressed with the streaky quality of the color. It left too many brush lines once it was on my nail, and it looked more like I actually did use my white-out pen to put it on. Forgetting that one, I moved on to my third and final choice. I ended up with Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength polish in Timeless White. For just under $4 it gives a brilliant white color with minimal streaks and only requires too quick coats.

So far I've only finished one hand for the night, but I already love it! It even makes my freshly cleaned diamond ring POP with sparkles. Now, if I can just get a tan to go with my Timeless White nails I'll be all set...that is until I shun the next trendy color for 3-6 months.

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  1. Haha great post! My favorite color to wear is light light pink, but I havent tried the all white, and Im not sure if I will...I never went for the goth black either...And no offense, but I dont know if Id go with Heidi's judgment...she may pick nail polish like she picks boyfriends...