Friday, June 4, 2010


Since starting my new job several months ago the word 'reunions' is now one of the most common words to leave my mouth - on a daily basis. It's all I talk about from 8-5pm every single day of the week, and even a little on the weekends...when people ask how work is going.

I used to only think of Reunions as a these long-awaited (or sometimes impromptu) retreats for my friends and me to get away together. Sometimes a wedding trip to North Carolina, or a business trip to Atlanta (conveniently we're all there at the same day) or even a trip to New York for absolutely no reason to go, other than that we miss each other.

So it's a fun topic. It's about getting excited to travel somewhere inticining to spend time with people you care about. In my job, I work with people who are about to have a Reunion of their own - a college Reunion. Personally, my college alma mater doesn't hold these unless it's a big year - 10th, 25th, or 50th. But in my work, we have them every 5 they're common.

But like my alma mater - most high school reunions are few and far between. They don't just happen every so often, so when they do it should be a blast to go. Right?

I find it's always interesting to see the reaction of people when you talk about their High School Reunion and whether or not they want to go. Personally, I can't wait for mine in two years...but then again I loved every second of high school and miss my friends daily. But even for those who may not have cherished every second of every day in high school -wouldn't you be curious to see how people have changed?

Or maybe how they haven't?

I encourage everyone to read this article - especially those nay-sayers who say Reunions are a waste of time. You never know what you just might find if you go...

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