Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Overlooked Thankfulness

While I know I'm due for a post on my newly re-designed furniture and a major update on life (our move, new job, summer plans, weddings, etc) I stopped for a moment tonight to consider a few blessings in disguise and how many of them go unnoticed each day. As I sat here at my computer with an overly full belly from ice cream and a million post-it notes of To Do's staring at me, I paused for just a second to twist my big sighs of exhaustion into big smiles of thankfulness.

Thankfully, despite all my complaints about things To Do and laundry lists of incomplete chores - there is of course a silver lining. Actually, make that gold.

And to elaborate.

My stomach aches from a helping of ice cream too greedy for my own good - but I'm fed and full.

I have an inbox of emails to return that are long over-due - but they're all from dear friends who want to hear more about my life.

My home is in shambles from a recent move with items displaced everywhere - but we have a beautiful place where I watch the sunset across the mountains each night.

I clean-up dog hair every morning and night from my sofa - but I love my cuddly puppy who fits so well in my nook each night that I can't stand to make him move.

My husband leaves his clothes and shoes thrown about the house EVERYDAY no matter how many times I nag him - but I do have a gorgeous, loving husband to nag...every now and then.

I can't get my curtains hung fast enough to block the morning sunlight in the window - but I have a warm, fluffy bed to fall asleep in every night.

I have searched and searched for new furniture for our living room with little luck to date - but we have the luxury of purchasing our wants instead of just our needs.

Just to name a few.

So, in the grand scheme of things as you'll see...the moments of having an aching stomach and a furry, old sofa each day may not be glamorous, but they're just the kinds of daily reminders we need to remember to be appreciative for the overlooked places where we should be thankful and see the golden lining.

And so I am.

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