Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Falling Off the Blog Wagon

The month of May seems to have passed me by faster than my skinny fingers can blog of all the experiences I've been having...(shocking, I know). But the truth is just that. I could have been spotted in five different states, planes, trains, cars, and lakes, rivers, and quads all in the last 18 or so days. I have finished graduate school, had a college reunion, been to NYC, played in the river with my dog, and will now be venturing off to the great state of South Carolina in Myrtle Beach for a bachelorette party weekend with my high school besties.

I literally can't keep up with myself, much less my blog. So yes, as I have disappointed my mother by not posting more information about my travels thus far, I promise to provide a full re-cap upon my Memorial Weekend return. Sorry, blogosphere...please forgive Nook Fiction.

Stay Tuned!

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